Jello for Jello Wrestling

Jello Wrestling Supplies has everything you need for a jello wrestling event.



We supply the original, fast setting jello wrestling product Fun Jell that has the following features:


best_price_iconJello Wrestling Supplies offers jello wrestling jello at an amazing price. Each 5lb bag makes 25 gallons of jello and we offer an unbelievable 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money and you keep THE OPENED BAG! No other company stands behind their products like we do. Why do we do this? Confidence! We simply know we are selling a top quality product that we GUARANTEE.





We don’t compromise on quality! Have fun and don’t break the bank at the same time. With our Jello Mix you can make up to 25 gallons. We suggest 100 gallons for a thicker consistency.









Don’t be fooled by our competitors! One package of our Fun Jell makes a legitimate, non-watery 25 gallons of jello wrestling jello.

Why Fun Jell For Jello Wrestling?

Jello Wrestling is extremely popular for a variety of events ranging from bachelor parties to any kind of fund raising event. If you are planning a party or event of any kind you can’t go wrong with holding a jello wrestling event. It’s a cool way to have fun! Use our non-toxic, bio-degradable and fast setting jello for your next Jello Wrestling event. Or, if you are holding a fundraising event, jello wrestling will provide hilarious entertainment as well as increasing funds.

Our unique formula provides an easy set up as you simply add the crystals to your pool and mix (each packages makes 25 gallons). This will create a wonderful slimy mixture that will last through the whole event. Ordinary store bought jello takes hours to make and you need to use boiling water and then refrigerate for hours. If you do not use Fun Jell for your jello wrestling event the jello will begin to break down within 20 minutes due to body heat and outdoor temperatures. With Fun Jell, the mix can be made using tap water just minutes before the event and does not need refrigeration. Jello Wrestling Jello sets up at temperatures as high as 120 degrees. Not only will you be purchasing jello that is instant, but it is also non-staining, non-toxic and biodegradable.

How To Set Up Jello Wrestling

We have a wonderful guide that gives you detailed instructions on how to set up jello wrestling and jello wrestling rules. Usually jello wrestling is done in tournament form with winners from different rounds facing off against each other. If you’re looking to have a memorable party, it happens to be one of the best naked party ideas. Of course, this is usually done in good fun and not too serious! Jello wrestling shouldn’t get too rowdy, but just enough to make it entertaining. Please let us know if you have any questions about setting up a jello wrestling ring and how to run a jello wresting tournament!